Link-Belt All Terrain Cranes

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The ATC-3275 is the first all terrain crane engineered and manufactured in and for North America. Designed with extensive customer input, the ATC-3275 meets the toughest transport laws in North America while also meeting Tier IV Interim and EPA 2010 on-highway requirements.

The 3275 breaks new ground with its modular counterweight system. None of the weights is more than 22,000 pounds (9 979 kg) and can therefore be grouped together or with other components on transport trucks to maximize the loads. The 3275 with maximum counterweight, rigging, matting, and fly extensions can move with just four truckloads.

The ATC-3275 moves itself effortlessly as well—on or off the jobsite. A Cummins EPA 2010 compliant engine provides ample power to give this AT the best highway speeds on the market. Stopping is no issue either as this crane, with anti-lock (ABS) disc brakes, intarder, and true engine compression brake, is the only AT that meets SAE braking codes. Emergency steering, cruise control and traction control are standard, as are extra steering cylinders for maneuvering in difficult terrain.

On the jobsite, the ATC-3275, with full ANSI B 30.5 certification, is the stoutest AT in its class. The seven-section boom is fabricated from ultra-high-strength steel in Link-Belt’s own facility. The two-plate design of each section has multiple longitudinal bends for superior strength. Teflon inserts keep the boom lubed and are universal for all boom sections. Eight boom modes maximize capacities by varying the extension of the sections.

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  • 43.7 ft to 223 ft (13.3-68m) seven-section formed full power latching boom
  • Eight boom extend modes provide superior capacities: EM1-EM8
  • Optional 12-40-67 ft (3.65-12.2-20.42m) three-piece, bi-fold, on-board lattice attachment with 2 degree, 15 degree, 30 degree, and 45 degree manual offsets, and 2 - 45 degree hydraulic offsets
  • Optional two 25 ft (7.62m) plus 67 ft (20.42m) provide a total attachment length of 117 ft (35.66m)
  • 350 ft (106.8m) maximum tip height
  • Modular style counterweights - 156,500 lbs (70 987kg)
  • 22,500 lbs (10 maximum winch line pull
  • 420 fpm (128 m/min) maximum winch line speed
  • Next generation tilting operator’s cab
  • Automated manual transmission with 2-speed auxiliary transmission
  • Anti-lock (ABS) disc brakes
  • Stow ‘n Go” steel pontoons

Outstanding mobility on the road and on the job site

  • Cruise control
  • Five stage intarder brake control lever
  • Three stage engine compression brake
  • Ether injection system – optional
  • Automated transmission (no clutch pedal) —12 speeds forward, 2 speeds reverse with two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic
  • 2-Speed auxiliary transmission
  • Job site travel is permissible with all 156,500 lbs (70 987 kg) of counterweight for exceptional job site versatility:
    - ATC: 0.5 mph (0.80 km/hr) job site travel
  • Highway speeds unmatched in the industry today:
    - ATC: up to 62 mph (99.78 km/hr)

Full powerboom with attachment flexibility

  • Quick reeve boom head eliminates the need to remove the becket when it becomes necessary to change the reeving
  • Eight extend modes for superior capacities throughout the extension range
  • Available two or three-piece bi-folding lattice fly which allows the tip section to be stored, thus enhancing the lifting performance when using the base section
  • Boom requires no greasing because of ingenious Teflon wear pucks impregnated in the full contact wear pads
  • Two available offset fly options: manual offset with 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, and a hydraulic offset with 2 - 45 degrees with no capacity deduction for luffing loads
  • No deducts for stowed attachments