Link-Belt Lattice Truck Cranes

Link-Belt's HC-278H II 300-ton Lattice Boom Truck Crane features a two-stage boom, additional counterweight and a luffing attachment. The two-stage boom, uses the new "JE" boom through the first 190-ft. (57.91 m) of the maximum 330-ft. (100.58 m), and yields increased stability and strength. Areas of the lift chart improve up to 25%. The "JE" boom is common to the Link-Belt LS-278H lattice boom crawler crane. The HC-278H II is available with a new luffing attachment which adds more job application flexibility to the machine. The luffing boom is comprised of the conventional "JE" boom and features a maximum 200-ft. (60.96 m) luffing boom, 200-ft. (60.96 m) luffing jib and 30-ft. (9.14 m) fixed jib. This combination produces a maximum working height of 477-ft. (145.39 m) and maximum working radius of 263-ft. (80.16 m).

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