Link-Belt Telescopic Crawler Cranes

Telescopic crawler cranes have long been accepted in the power line and water tank construction industries, as well as right-of-way, foundation, and tie back work. Link-Belt's expanding line currently offers three models.

Link-Belt's TCC-450 45-ton, Telescopic Crawler Crane merges the capability of a rough terrain crane with the mobility and stability of a crawler crane. This North American compliant model is a derivative of HSC's model introduced early in 2005. It has already proved itself on job sites worldwide with the same bulletproof hydraulic components as Link-Belt's renowned HYLAB series.

The TCC-750 75 ton has a completely sealed lower and hydraulically retractable side frames for easy transport and onsite flexibility. The retracted gauge, good for transport or work, is 8.4 ft. Two additional working modes at 11.9 ft and, fully extended, at 14 ft add jobsite versatility. And depending on local restrictions, it moves in either one or two loads.

The TCC-1100 110-ton has been well received and is the third in a growing lineup of Link-Belt telescopic crawlers, cementing the company's presence in the market. Its design focuses on robustness, simplicity and reliability for the general contractor or bare rental fleet owner.

The TCC-1100 offers an impressive capacity chart at radius that rivals even lattice crawler cranes with a similar base rating. Its full power boom, fabricated from ultra-high-strength steel and formed in Link-Belt's own facility, makes it fast and easy to operate. The main boom is 150 feet (45.7 m) long and incorporates Teflon wear pucks to eliminate boom grease.

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