Link-Belt™ Cranes

Link-Belt Cranes is a leader in the design, manufacture and sales of telescopic and lattice boom cranes, with headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Meeting demands for larger loads and tough conditions, with capacities up to 160 tons and reaching 311 feet.

Capacities from 40 to 120 tons and maximum tip heights from 167-262 feet, with excellent transportability and value.

Well suited to travel between jobsites with capacities from 75 to 110 tons and reaching 262 feet.

Versatile for any condition, tough and reliable for any load, with capacities up to 275 tons.

Heavy-duty lifting capacity to 300 tons, with lighter transport requirements.

Excellent maneuverability with a telecopic boom, and capacities from 50 to 250 tons.

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